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mission statement

WYP is a motivational media and lifestyle brand inspiring youth to find their true PASSION, and to live with PURPOSE and PEACE.

Through our Mentor Coaching program, and Youth Vendor Marketplace WYP aims to cultivate the talents and dreams of young entrepreneurs everywhere!

All our merchandise sales fund our workshops and events which include:

● Queen Me! : WYP’s 1-on-1 High School Girls basketball tournament aims to crown each city’s champion!
● Youth Vendor Marketplace
● Our signature Graffiti Playground, is a place where you can Paint Your Passion!

passion | purpose | peace project


What’s Your Passion (WYP) was created to inspire youth everywhere to achieve their full potential by finding their passion in life to build a better world around them.

The PASSION PURPOSE PEACE Project is a 501c3 nonprofit which educates young entrepreneurs through group mentoring from our WYP Mentor Coaches.

All merchandise sales and donations to Passion Purpose Peace help build our community events and engage aspiring talent to pursue their Passion!

OUR talents


Tasha Cloud

DJ Chark

Marlon Moraes

Michael Jackson SR

Mo Billings

Renee Montgomery

Sophie Cunniham

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"I love WYP they have been doing so much for our community"


"Big shoutout to WYP! Live you passion, don't hate, focus on love! It's the greatest gift ."


"Black out all the negativity and enjoy anything that comes your way today!"

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